Building that beautiful dream house in Ghana can be a very easy task and can also be a very challenging task. It will be an easy task if you have experience or if you work with building professionals.

There are basic step-by-step things you will have to do before achieving that goal of building your own house.

Step 1Acquiring The Land

The first step in building that beautiful dream is by acquiring a piece of land legally. you can either acquire the land by lease or by conveyance. whichever way just make sure you acquire it genuinely and legally.

Step 2Protecting the Land

after the acquisition of the land, it is your duty to protect the land from encroachment. This has to do with registering the land, clearing of the land, mounting pillars at the corners of the land, and also pouring sand or chippings on the land. This activity is very necessary in order to be the land secured and less likely to be encroached by unscrupulous persons.

Step 3Designing the Project:

After acquiring the land and securing it, the next step is to employ an Architect to design the building for you. This process is very important in the building process as it gives you knowledge about your building plan, the front elevation, and the back elevation of your building. a printed and stamped copy of this document is what will help you get a building permit for your building. Architects could be relatively expensive however, you’ll get so much more than your money’s worth from their job.

Step 4Getting a building permit

All buildings in Ghana require a building permit before the construction can begin. It is unlawful to start construction without authorization from the necessary Metropolitan, Municipal, or District assembly.

Step 5- Start the Foundation

When you complete all the above processes, it is now time for you to start the foundation. The foundation stage begins with setting out, digging trenches, casting concrete for the base, binding iron rods for columns, filling and compacting, and casting the final slab on the foundation.

You have to take care to get measurements and levels right during the setting out process.

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