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At AWAK Company Ltd we work hard to provide the best of our services to our clients. We try to build a robust portfolio that we can proud ourselves on

Full Range of Safety Training Consultancy Services

Safety Training Consultancy Overview

AWAK Company Ltd provides an Occupational Safety and Health Training and Consultancy for all type of Industries. Our business is through Consultation, Auditing and provide the right Safety and Health Trainings to assist all Industries in the prevention of accidents and injuries which can lead accidents and suffering for the victim and all others. We are here to solve the mental social Health and Safety in a workplace.


Safety Training Consultancy

Safety Training Consultancy Skill Development Safety Service that will improve you employee’s skill to understand easily and promote working practices safely within their working environments. This will benefit both the employee’s and employer.

Safety First.

We take pride in the fact that we build professional relationships with our client and provide long term support. We can render an integrated effective in providing and in-depth study to provide a long term services.

Experience in a wide range of industries

From public to private sector, large to small scale operations we have experience in helping companies of all sizes in all industries

Proven Track Record

Our multi-disciplinary team of Consultants with first hand experience in diverse industry sectors to help companies achieve legal compliance. We offer additional resources, specialist technical advice, or independent consultative support, help you to achieve your health, safety and environmental goals.


Create a Safe working environment and continual drive towards zero incidents and result orientation to excellence.

Why our customers choose us

How our service can help



  • Being flexible in our approach and offering a personal and professional Safety Training and Consultancy service.
  • To maintain the physical, mental and social well-being of employer and employee's.
  • To prevent the unfavorable effects on Safety and health cause by working condition.
  • To become familiar to Occupational environmental of physical and mental needs of employee's.
  • To consider the issues relating to industrial Occupational Safety and Health, Industrial hygiene, Environmental, Training & Education, Psychology and etc.

    This can only be achieved through close cooperation of management, employees and our skill professional associates.
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    We will provide all Safety and Health related training that is necessary to minimize losses of human and physical resources of the company. All employer and employee's who participate the training will gain high benefit.


    We as a Safety Training Consultancy will provide the best training in the specialized field in Safety and Health, Environmental and all Safety related trainings committed in implementing.
  • Compliance to legal regulatory Safety standards
  • Provide Training to Preventinjuries, disability and illnessto employee's at workplace
  • Safety handling of equipment's to eliminate incident
  • To provide training in protecting the environment and pollution
  • Safety and Health is everyone's business
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    Our belief

    We believe both Management and employee’s attitude towards accidents can be prevented and Safety is integral part of everyone’s job, value everyone’s life safe.

    Core Safety Values

  • All accidents are preventable by Safety Trainings
  • All injuries are preventable by safe work.
  • Working safely is a condition of employment and responsibilities.
  • All operating exposures can be safeguarded and controlled
  • Training employees to work safely is essential and beneficial
  • Injury/illness prevention has a direct impact on employee morals. Productivity, company earning and customer satisfaction.
  • Recognizing safe behaviors cultivates better understanding or our policies, philosophy and practices.
  • All employees are empowered to stop any unsafe job or project through the “Stop Work
  • Authority” programme. What you see, hear or smell report to your superior immediately.

    The Safety and Compliance Manager’s chief focus is not only to ensure this philosophy is followed and motivate employees to act safely in all aspects of their lifeat work (Work and home) so that they can be there for their families and happiness of both.