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Full Range of Property Valuation Services

Property Valuation Overview

AWAK COMPANY LIMITED undertakes projects of any size or description for commerce and industry. Our Valuers visit sites to measure, record, evaluate and create a detailed inventory of items and conditions of the property.

Each Valuer relies upon experience, personal skill, extensive research and mathematical modeling to obtain realistic values of assets – FAIR VALUE. Valuations are carried out for market and replacement cost (insurance) purposes.AWAK COMPANY LIMITED provides expert advice and the necessary valuation report for specialized areas such as Sectional Title/Body Corporate clients. A detailed account of the entire property is recorded within the bound Valuation Report and Certificate.

Due to the many different methods that can be used to value property, The Valuator Group has set up an Internal Review Committee who independently assesses each Valuation Report before it is presented to the client in draft form. Clients can then comment on the draft which the Review Committee will again assess prior to approving the Final Report presented to the client.

AWAKoffers clients an all inclusive 5 year LONG TERM ASSISTANCE PLAN (LTAP) which not only ensures assets are correctly valued during this period but in addition that the fee is cost effectively “spread” over the 5 years and longer as negotiated.

Besides property valuations, AWAK can value all other related assets linked to the property such as plant & equipment, contents, the business and other valuable assets.


property valuation

After investing in property, you might not be able to look after it so you must find someone to handle the property management. This is where we come in to support you.

Why you need Property Valuation?

Companies typically enlist help for one of two reasons: 1) to determine the value of company property (particularly equipment) when they don’t know it, or 2) when they’re considering appealing a property tax assessment that may be too high. There are a number of different factors that impact the value of an asset, and many potential issues that can skew valuation results.

We help our clients navigate the issues inherent to property tax valuation, such as:

Index Issues

Cost indexes, also known as trend factors, help to convert historic costs to today’s value, similar to inflation. They represent what a company would pay at a particular point in time for things like construction and equipment costs.

Cost Issues

Not all costs are taxable. And while all tax departments understand this, excess costs are still filed with assessors on occasion. Taxability rules can be confusing and vary within different counties in a given state. Reviewing cost types for exclusions that may exist is a great first step.

Depreciation Issues

Assessors account for depreciation by applying a percent good factor to each year of cost based on a schedule meant to represent the useful life of the asset. For example, a 40% “percent good factor” means there is 60% deprecation on the asset in question. However, this is based on the asset’s lifespan, which is estimated by assessors and can be inaccurate, depending on the data they’re using. Additionally, some assessors perform valuations by grouping all assets over a certain age into a single amount. However, it’s inappropriate to depreciate based on these groupings—especially true if there is meaningful life remaining.

Why our customers choose us

How this service can help


understand the costs & accounting of your assets.

Our valuation experts will work with you to help you better understand the filed taxable cost of your tangible assets. We’ll review your costs and tax reports to ensure your company is being taxed appropriately, and help you determine if there are exclusions or non-taxable assets being reported.

help educate your tax assessor.

Once we figure out the value of an asset, we’ll be your advocate, and communicate our reasoning behind valuations to the assessor on your behalf. Our valuation experts have worked with assessors across most states and jurisdictions to negotiate better outcomes for our clients.

negotiate with tax authorities.

AWAK Company Ltd has experience working with lawyers, and preparing presentations for assessors and tax authorities. We can provide financial modeling and other findings that will help make your case stronger.