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At AWAK Company Ltd we work hard to provide the best of our services to our clients. We try to build a robust portfolio that we can proud ourselves on

Full Range of Land Surveying Services

Land Surveying Overview

We specialize in construction layouts, topographical surveys, boundaries, subdivision design, title and boundary surveys, pipelines, gas and oil well locations, unit surveys, digitizing, map reproduction and preparation, wetlands delineation, and provide dedicated mapping services.

Whether a project involves surveying hundreds of miles of pipelines, identifying optimum oil well locations, or assisting in the recovery of a city after a natural disaster, our survey team is more than prepared to tackle any challenge. Integrating our newly refined data communications network, high quality instruments, and professional staff, our land survey services can be an efficient solution to every project. If you need a professional land surveyor, then look no further.


Land Surveying

After investing in property, you might not be able to look after it so you must find someone to handle the property management. This is where we come in to support you.

All the way up.

From project concept to completion, our field and office team is able to help with nearly every conceivable survey-related element of any project. AWAK's personnel are capable of providing high order control and geodetic surveys, as well as third order work for the typical land development project.

Powerful Technology

Equipped with the latest technology, our crews can tackle the most rugged terrains to gather the precise data you need.

Mobilize in a Moment’s Notice

Our expanded resources and locations enable us to mobilize immediately to ensure crews are onsite and your project is on time.

A Full Range of Land Surveying Services

Topographical surveys, Boundaries, Building area surveys, Land partitions, Easement surveys, Road layout surveys, Pipelines, gas and oil well locations, Wetlands delineation, Construction layouts, Subdivision design, Title and boundary surveys, Unit surveys, Specialized mapping.

Why our customers choose us

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Pre- Design Services

  • Construction Staking
  • Unitization Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Utility Routes
  • Subdivision Staking
  • Land Partitions
  • Pipeline Right-Of-Way Staking
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Corridor Route Surveys
  • Easement Surveys
  • Section Corner Recovery And
  • Monumentation
  • Oil/Gas Well Staking
  • Oil/Gas Well Location Pad Layout Surveys
  • Road Layout Surveys
  • Geodetic Control Surveys
  • 02

    Design Process

  • Topographic Mapping
  • Subdivision Design And Platting
  • Plats Of Highway
  • Plats Of Topography
  • Plats Of Vacation
  • Area Computations
  • Oil/Gas Field Map Preparation
  • Base Map Preparation And Reproduction
  • Digitization
  • Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Plats Of Annexation
  • 03

    Construction Service

  • As-Built Surveys
  • Bathymetric
  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys
  • Flood Zone Certificates
  • Pipeline As-Built Surveys
  • Residential Surveys
  • Settlement Surveys
  • Lot Surveys
  • Aerial Photogrammetric Surveys And
  • Mapping
  • House Layouts
  • Condominium Surveys
  • Communication Towers
  • 3D Laser Scanning For Complex And
  • Unsafe Environments
  • Volume Calculations
  • Profile Surveys
  • Road Surveys
  • Pipeline And Wellhead Detection (Land And Water)