Draft and sign a purchase and transfer agreement before paying. When you are satisfied with the inspection and land search, draft a purchase and transfer agreement to be signed by both you and the seller. You can get a lawyer to assist you or contact Ghana Homes for professional lawyers to help you with all legal documentation. The agreement should spell out the exact purchase price, installment arrangements, date, and place of transactions. Ensure all concerned parties sign this document before releasing any money out. Pay directly to the owner, his or her legal representative approved bank account.
Perform a land title search at the Lands Commission and contact the real owner. A land search involves applying to the Ghana Lands Commission to ask for the validation and ownership of a particular land. You have to apply with the site plan or indenture to be used for checking. The real authentic owner of the land and in some cases their contact details are given to you after the search. They can also get you the history of the owners of the land since its inception if you request it. Mind you, it may take a while. Contact the owner to be certain of his/her approval of the land sale. It is only the owner, his or her mandated representative who can sell the land. Be careful to look out for this! If you are dealing with the representative or agent, ask for a note of authorization to sell the land from the owner.
Physically inspect the land and all related documents. Several people and companies constantly advertise land for sale in Ghana. Do not be deceived by the company size or marketing strategies. Always go to the site to inspect its existence, size, accessibility, and environment. Some lands may be below the standard size or be a part of the road. Others may be so close to a high-tension cable or a flowing river. Be vigilant and ask for all documents which may be site plan or indenture or title certificate. Try to locate the land for sale on the documents given. If there is any discrepancy or in doubt, you can cross-check with the Lands Commission.
Use a payment method supported with evidence such as Bank transfer. Payment must be documented in case of any conflicts or court actions so pay through the bank or a well-accepted money transfer method in Ghana. You can pay into the land owners or the sale company bank account. Try as much as possible to avoid direct cash payments as this brings about a lot of fraudulent manipulations. Do not pay a hundred percent of the agreed sale price until all documents have been fully transferred into your name.
Transfer and register documents with the Lands Commission in your name. Visit the Lands Commission to inform them about the transaction and apply for a transfer and subsequent registration of the land. Check that your name is correctly spelled on the site plan or indenture when finally issued. You can request a title certificate later which takes much more time. The site plan and title certificate prove your legal ownership and right to the land. However, to prevent encroachers and squatters from your land, construct a fence wall around the site and lock the gate with security locks. This also gives other unsuspecting buyers the hint the land is soon to be developed.